Welcome To Eyelanders Nigeria

At Eyelanders we take our clients on an adventure of self-discovery in self Confidence, style and best practices in the eye care industry. Exploring to reveal the new image in you is a captivating experience.Our vision has been to look for new possibilities, innovations and new methodologies to learn about people, organisational dynamics and go deep into relationship spaces.

Having amassed experience as an independent management-consultancy firm for a long time, our drive for a new horizon has motivated us to break the boundaries, which has given birth to “Eyelanders Consulting”.

Eyelanders internal strength lies in its professionalism and responsiveness in tracing the right-candidate mix with experience and exposure to suit the required desires of our client.

Developing radical ideas and a time-tested service delivery procedure is what has set our organisation apart from the competition and also championing best practices in eye care services.

The following are some of our area of focus and strength;

  • We deal in the sale of high-end, luxury-to-affordable eyewear sourced from the United Kingdom, France, Italy, Germany and the United States.
  • Our eight (8) years experience in optometry and the optical business has properly positioned us to help redefine eyewear fashion!
  • From eyeglasses, sunglasses to contacts lenses, Eyelanders has positioned itself as the brand to associate with in Nigeria.
  • Get in touch and one of our professional consultants will be on hand to assist you with your enquiries.

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