Our Vision
To be the most sought after stylish and quality eye care service provider in Nigeria.
Our Mission
Providing eye care services that gives convenience and style at an affordable cost.
Our Strategy
Our strategy is to provide you with services that are tailor-made to your needs.
Our Goal
Becoming your eye care partner of choice is what we strive for as we serve you.

What we do

Professional eye care services

Independent Retailers

At Eyelanders Nigeria, we are independent retailers of high end and iconic sunglass brands and frames from all over the world. Our reach extends to suppliers from the United Kingdom, United States, Germany, Italy and France.

Trusted Eye Care

The provision of professional and affordable eye care is the hallmark of our service and at the heart of the unique selling proposition at Eyelanders. We pride ourselves in the ability to have remained committed to this over the years.

Strategic Partnerships

As part of our business strategy at Eyelanders to provide world-class services, we have partnered with reputable Health Maintenance Organisations (HMOs) and eye care equipment supply companies to offer you the best.

Our Experience

Industry Skills

Our dedicated and skilled workforce at Eyelanders has the industry background and knowledge that positions us as leaders in the eye care business in Nigeria.


Some Of Our Partners

Client Feedback

what they said

Eyelanders is positioned to always put the customer first. Their organisation is crafted to serve and resolve eye related challenges and is willing to offer other packages within their purview which best serves the interest of the client.

Martin Abraham

Group Talent Development

You recognise that moment you need your pair of glasses and contact lens ASAP, there is only one team that comes to mind for you… The Eyelanders! Because they are always on time, don’t mind going the extra mile and deliver quality.

Olubunmi Aketepe

Loyal Client

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